Leech therapy london

Leech therapy (Hirudo Therapy)

The term “Leech therapy” refers to a live medical leech application performed by medically trained staff only, where a leech is used in the same way […]

Harvard Study Has Good News for Homeopathic Medicine

Source of article by John Weeks, Publisher/Editor of The Integrator Blog News and Reports The American Journal of Public Health has recently published a survey article out of […]

Homeopathy could SAVE healthcare by drastically lowering costs for safer treatments without the negative side effects

Source of article (NaturalNews) Doctors are starting to find out that homeopathy can improve patient outcomes. Dr. Helen Beaumont, from the Faculty of Homeopathy, points out […]

Some history of the treatment of epidemics with Homeopathy

From its earliest days, homeopathy has been able to treat epidemic diseases with a substantial rate of success, when compared to conventional treatments.  It was these […]