The term “Leech therapy” refers to a live medical leech application performed by medically trained staff only, where a leech is used in the same way as a biological ‘single use’ needle. The term “Hirudopractice” means the use of leech products (capsules, suppositories, pills, and creams) as well as new technologies and innovations combined in a very particular way with applications of a live leech or other complementary medicine methods for self-healing and health care purposes. It could be performed by complementary medicine specialists, as well as medically trained practitioners. To keep it simple we will refer to “hirudotherapy” to describe both these methods.
he 21st Century the situation has changed again.

The leech’s saliva contains anti-inflammatory/anaesthetic/antiseptic substances and prevents blood from clotting, but all of these substances can also activate chronic illnesses or inflammatory processes. By the leeches ‘blood letting’ from a human body, microbes, toxins, salts and ballast substances are eliminated, thus the organism is cleared in natural way. In addition it promotes the improvement of the person’s blood circulation, and (most importantly) leads to the normalization and improvement of capillary circulation, which cannot be achieved using chemical reactions.

Many prominent Western medical doctors and scientists have started using Complementary/Alternative methods (and leech therapy in particular) making many great discoveries by combining both chemical drugs with live leech and their products.

When the leech drops off the skin, the wound continues to bleed plentifully and patients should not be afraid of this part of the natural process. Conversely only slight and/or short–term bleeding indicates impaired blood circulation (to restore this circulation leeches can be applied at exactly the same place). Bleeding lasts for some hours (about 12-24) and the patient loses approximately 20-30 ml of blood and lymph mixture. It is very important to understand that this is not a pure blood loss, but blood and lymph mixture which is a healthy process, not dangerous to the patient.

The leech has a local and a general influence on a person’s organism:
Local influence is accompanied by bleeding at the point of the bite, itchiness and reddening of the skin, and possible inflammation of the lymph nodes. Application and lubrication with leech products (such as ‘Hiruda’ ointment) provides rapid relief of itchiness. If the itch persists lubrication with the ointment should be applied 2-3 times per day. The general reaction is accompanied by improvement or deterioration in mood and the general state of health. The person usually becomes calmer, sleeps better, and adequately reacts to life’s problems. In some cases after a procedure trembling, drowsiness, weakness, and an increase in body temperature can occur.


Applying Leech therapy and Hirudopractice, in a modern and correct NHS friendly way (according to conditions presented more specifically below), increases the level of natural hormones (including serotonin and endorphins) and the patient will feel happy, relaxed and comfortable during and after the treatment. Leeches applied correctly will treat diseases caused by insufficient micro-circulation, which will in turn help patients who suffer from blood defects, joint disorders, neuroses, boils, haemorrhoids, varicose veins and many other ailments (e.g. hypertension, bronchitis, asthma, heart attack, stroke, depression, infertility, memory disorders, diabetes, peptic and duodenal ulcers, arthritis, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome etc.)

Once the leech has detached, the bite wound should be covered with a sterile bandage and an absorbent dressing pack. When the pack is impregnated with blood, another may be applied or replaced by a new dry one. The sterile dressing could remain on for 24 hours, or less if bleeding ceases, after which a sterile plaster should be applied to the wound for one more day.

Following the procedure it is not advised for the patient to take a bath, wash the application area or go to the swimming pool for two days. During this remedy using medicinal leeches the effect of some medicines is increased, thus it is important to inform the leech therapy consultant & hirudo practitioner of any medical conditions and medication in use. During the leech treatment alcohol abuse, drug use, taking herbaceous or biologically active preparations is not recommended. If the patient does not feel any health improvement following the completed course of treatment, it is an indication that too few leeches were used; in which case the treatment should be repeated within 1-3 months with a larger amount of leeches (possibly also including leech products).
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Leech Therapy £50 application , plus £10 for each used leech
60-90min session

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